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Concrete Polishing Pad ~ Standard 7 Steps 3mm & 5mmThickness

For Concrete

Concrete Wet Polishing Pad 5mm & 3mm thickness made in Korea guarantees consistent high quality.

* Customized Velcro color codes along with private logo for volume purchase
* Subjects to change to improve quality without prior notice
Wet Use on Concrete
* Pressure : 1 - 5kg/
* RPM : 3,500-4,500
* FOB Price : Inquiry at sales@stonetools.co.kr
* M.O.Q : N/A
* Supply Ability : Within 7 ~ 10 days according to quantity
* Payment Terms : Advanced by Bank Wire Transfer
Recommended Diamond Pads for Concrete Countertops
These pads have all the features you want in a diamond pad for concrete countertops:
– High concentration of diamonds for faster cutting
– Narrow gradation of diamonds for a swirl-free surface
– Thick enough for long life
– Thin enough to be flexible
– Ideal channel design to eject slurry and prevent clogging
– Ideal resin binder for long life without glazing

[ Source ] "How to choose the best diamond pad for concrete countertops"
Posted on May 17, 2013 by Jeff Girard
The Concrete Countertop Institute

Proudly made in Korea


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