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Gear Wheel
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Gear Wheel

Gear Wheel ( Zero Tolerance Diamond Drum Wheel, Drum Profiler )

For Granite & Marble

Gear Wheel ( Zero Tolerance Diamond Drum Wheel, Drum Profiler ) is for tuning up the rough cut out in marble and granite sink hole cuts and stock removal.

Available resin filled for more smooth grinding surface with less chipping
* Customized color change along with private logo for volume purchase
* Subjects to change to improve quality without prior notice
Wet use preferred on Granite & Marble
* RPM: 3,000 ~ 6,000
* FOB Price : Inquiry at sales@stonetools.co.kr
* M.O.Q : N/A
* Supply Ability : Within 7 ~ 10 days according to quantity
* Payment Terms : Advanced by Bank Wire Transfer

Proudly made in Korea

RM Tech Korea (StoneTools Korea)
33rd Fl., Trade Tower, World Trade Center, Samsung, Gangnam, Seoul, 135-729, Korea
Factory: 105, Dangjeong-dong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (Republic of)
T: +82-70-7716-5181 / F: +82-2-2296-6613 / email: sales@stonetools.co.kr

Jason Lee in Seoul, KR on Houzz

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